The Movers Are Coming and We’re Not Ready

Sunday September 14 8:49 a.m.

(Yup, wrote this day before yesterday and just making it live now. Got to get better at the timing of this…)

We were up till 2 but I couldn’t sleep this morning. Friends coming tonight to help us pack, movers in the morning to help us fill the giant container now stationed conveniently at the foot of the handicapped ramp we built so that Bill’s daughter could visit and now a handy place to roll furniture and boxes out of the house on.

The container is scheduled to leave again day after tomorrow if we’re ready, which it’s fairly clear we won’t be. We have options. If we need to keep the pod a few more days to fill it, we can, although we don’t know how much extra that will cost. I wanted the large pod so we’d have plenty of room to bring whatever we wanted but now it seems enormous. The problem is inside, sorting, packing. I’ve been packing for what seems like months. It has been months, although in short spurts given my work schedule which Bill describes as “There’s no schedule, she’s always working.” But in all that time, including most of this past week, I haven’t even managed to completely clear my office which is where I started out.

Of course, my office is the biggest and worst problem but…now I have two days for everything else and I just don’t see it.

And then there’s the ASJA board meeting and mini-conference in San Francisco, inconveniently scheduled for October 9-11. I didn’t fight that date when it came up because there was too much powerful logic in its favor. The conference needed speakers and bringing the board to town is a good way to get them and draw attention to the event. (I’m speaking myself.) But the timing is certainly awkward and I’ve held off till now buying my plane ticket because I lacked the confidence to do it from SeaTac. But Bill last night said his goal is for us to be in Snohomish or its environs by our anniversary, October 14. So I guess SeaTac it is. But when will we finally pull out of Woodstock? No clue.

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