Packing Purgatory Continues

There’s an old New Yorker cartoon I love that goes something like this: Two men are walking along a beach. One says to the other: “When I was 30, I swore that by 40 success would be mine. When I was 40, I swore that by 50 success would be mine. When I was 50, I swore that by 60 success would be mine. Now I’m 60 and success is mine.”

The reason I love this is the point it makes: Something may not happen as quickly as you think they will, or as quickly as you want it to, but it can still happen. Our original departure target was September 1. As the day approached and we realized that it was Labor Day, and also that we would never be ready, we began extending. I said I would stay till the Inc. 35th anniversary party on September 9. We ordered the pod to be delivered a week ago Friday for pickup this past Tuesday. Over last weekend we got help and maybe we could have made the pickup with some frenzied and not very organized packing, but we were both crashing with exhaustion plus Bill was driving himself back into being ill. So we extended the deadline by two days, and then again until tomorrow. And this time, I say with fingers and toes crossed, we just might send the pod away with all our stuff inside.

For the longest time, it looked to others and sometimes felt to me as well like we would never actually get out the door. But I’m starting to see that we’re close to done. My office, which took weeks to pack is all packed up except for my computer–Bill’s job–and one lamp to help him do it. My clothes are nearly all packed. Packing the zillions of things in our kitchen is underway. Whether we make tomorrow’s deadline or not, one day soon we’ll be on the road.

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